The Body worship and Heart opening Ritual

Conversation, gentle massage, dynamic massage, classic massage,  tantric and shamanic techniques, sound therapy, psychotherapy, Kundalini enwoking ritual, guided meditation and visualization, integration, optional Rapé or Sananga session (shamanic cleaning medicines)

This massage therapy is suitable for both men and women. It is based on the principles of classical tantra, meditation and conscious touch. If the energy is calling me there, I use elements of shamanic touch healing. Conscious loving touch directly has miraculous effects. It awakens life force, love and joy. This healing ritual of honoring the body is an indescribable experience. It is connected to the heart and the restoration of physical and energetic balance. It helps with acute psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, lack of life energy, love and restores the inner balance of our psyche. Nowadays, we are used to always being in a hurry and not taking care of our body and health. During the massage, you will relax perfectly and feel the flow of vital energy.

Through a gentle touch all over your body, you will feel that you are connected to the source of infinite love. My task is to create a safe environment for you in which you can allow yourself to receive tenderness and loving conscious touches. With the help of a massage, you relax and then your subconscious opens up and stuck emotions can leave. During the massage, you will be able to fully enjoy the present moment with all your senses: touch (touch), taste and smell (essential oils and smoke removers), hearing (also reproduced live music, Tibetan bowls, koshi, kalimba, cymbals, etc.). 



It totally blew me away. I can't fully describe what happened there, but only that I allowed myself to stop, really pay attention to my body and say a prayer to the Kundalini energy. As soon as I started saying it, I felt it go through my whole body, I had chills all over my body. I realized that I have the keys in my hands, maybe I just have to start using them. Don't really worry. Don't forget that the connection with the body is important. Because as I am in that world where it is not normal to connect with myself, I forget about it and there is such a subtle resistance. Thank you Luci, very much, indeed! 


This ritual called me on the Flow of Abundance page. I thank Lucka that I could experience it with her. After giving birth, I felt a strong need to honor my body, to let myself be pampered and guided a little, to remember that I am also a woman, not just a mother, to heal the blocks I had left after giving birth. I felt in the right hands, and in addition to the treatment, the whole process was also incredibly pleasant and relaxing for me. well thank you .


I went to Lucia's massage without high expectations. I was more concerned about whether she is experienced enough, whether she knows what she is doing, because these spiritual things are very sensitive and must be approached with respect. I was pleasantly surprised by the naturalness and ease with which Lucia touched me. She was able to create a very pleasant, accepting environment and it was more like sitting with a friend, where it is much easier for a person to open up in honesty, than during an impersonal therapy, procedure or the like. I am very glad that I decided to do it and I would like to thank Lucia for the beautifully spent time of self-care and self-love. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. 


This therapy is great for unblocking what you have in your subconscious mind as a long term barrier. Lucia will intuitively find where you are closed and unable to move and then sensitively, but at the same time forcefully, guide you through the newly opened gate. If you manage to overcome the initial obstacles under her guidance, then you just let yourself be guided and enjoy the new stimuli that come to you along these new paths. During the massage and subsequent relaxation, I established a previously unknown contact with my own soul, which I was able to perceive directly in front of you as a subtle light being. It was literally a conscious relationship or contact with a subtle part of my self, which let me know with various hints what it lacked and how to pay attention to it. In the presence of the therapist and her radiance, this contact was quite easy and natural and showed me what I had in myself to try and train so that I can induce a similar state myself and no longer ignore the sides of my inner self that were repressed and demanded attention that I didn't give them before. 


If the body is asking for nourishment, a kind touch and a stirring of vital energy, I highly recommend massages by Lucio Jasna Glejtekov. It lit me up like a lantern. Yum, yum 


Hello my darling.. Thank you for the path you took me through, through opening the door of touch to my own interior... recognizing feelings and allowing yourself something that is so natural but often so suppressed and unexpressed. well thank you.  


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1. Touching the masseuse is not allowed

2. Any other suggestions of a sexual nature are prohibited

3. The use of alcohol and intoxicants on the day of the massage is prohibited