Body De-Armouring

Encapsulated emotions are stored in the body in muscle knots (trigger points) and thus create a protective armor. We cause pain by precisely aimed pressure on these places. We support this process with breath and sound, which flushes out old themes and energy blocks from the body. By exerting pressure on these places, the pain is relieved and the tension goes away with it. You will feel the relief and release of energy in your body immediately. I recommend 3-5 meetings.

The course of body de-armouring can be compared to a "trigger point" massage. Trigger points are small local muscle spasms, palpable as small knots in the muscles, painful during physical stimulation. These small muscle tensions arise from several causes. On a physical level, they can be caused by incorrect posture, one-sided long-term excessive load or short-term extreme overload of some part of the body. However, they also arise as a result of long-term mental stress or emotional stress, during which the body involuntarily goes into spasm in a certain part of itself. The body, mind and soul are connected in one whole and they mutually influence and intertwine, therefore a jam in some dimension will affect all others as well. Body de-armouring is a method that recognizes and takes into account this connection and the integrity of the human being (as opposed to trigger point massage, which focuses exclusively on the physical side of a person). Its purpose is to remove the physical-energetic "armor" and thus enable our vital (sexual) energy to flow naturally throughout the body.

Body de-armouring is a method of releasing various blockages, stuck life energy and emotions and physical tensions. So it works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. It releases the various physical pains, energy blocks and emotional wounds stored in our system that prevent the natural flow of our life (sexual) energy throughout the body leaving us deeply relaxed, relaxed and energized, opening us up to connect with our own inner wisdom, liberated from limiting and dysfunctional mental patterns, unhealthy beliefs and old emotional deposits. We will connect with an understanding of the beauty of life and with the joy of life on all levels. We become more authentic, empowered and (self) aware human beings. 

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