Body De-Armouring

Body De-Armouring is the unblocking of painful places (trigger points) on the whole body (pelvis, shoulder blades, shoulders, etc.). The body thus becomes softer, more relaxed, the flow of energy increases. It does not involve the unblocking of sexuality like the tantric unblocking of the body.

Tantric unblocking and Energetic  orgasm

This therapeutic massage will help you free yourself from everything that prevents you from fully experiencing your life and sexual potential. It helps in releasing patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully experiencing not only our sexual relationships, but also allows the flow of chi or life energy in the body to be stimulated by releasing pain or emotions that block it. It restores your natural balance and generates transformation at the cellular level. This process uses pressure points, strong vibrations, breath and the movement of your energy throughout your body to loosen, break down and remove your body armor.  

The Body worship and Heart opening Ritual

This massage therapy is suitable for both men and women. It is based on the principles of classical tantra, meditation and conscious touch. If the energy is calling me there, I use elements of shamanic touch healing. Conscious loving touch directly has miraculous effects. It awakens life force, love and joy. It helps with acute psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, lack of life energy, love and restores the internal balance of our psyche . 

5 Elements Therapy

This therapeutic practice allows you to choose from five different experiences inspired by natural elements - elements. The massage takes you out of the mind, out of the body and into the flow of your life energy and connects you with the healing energy of the selected element. Massages according to the Elements are a combination of Tantra massage techniques, tantric structures and shamanic techniques (opening energy, connecting to the elements in the body, touch healing, etc.).

Tantra and subtle body course

Regular evening meetings for individuals and couples. Tantra is an ancient tradition that teaches that there is no contradiction between the body and the spirit, that they are essentially one reality. That their harmonization is a spiritual path that opens the gates of higher consciousness. In a playful way, with the help of breath, movement and intention, we connect to our energy so that we get in touch with our aliveness, joy, vitality, to release our fears and tension.