The healing power of breath

This breathing technique helps to heal physical diseases, stress and depression, feelings of unfulfillment in life, low self-confidence and self-esteem... Many of these problems originate from the traumatic experience of childbirth or other highly stressful situations during which the natural rhythm of breathing is disturbed, and thus also the circulation of energy. We try to displace or suppress unpleasant experiences, and they then create blocks in the body that prevent the natural flow of energy.

Through conscious energetic breathing, we can resolve and accept these events retroactively, integrate them into our lives, and thus rid them of their persistent negative influence. Acceptance releases stagnant energy, which brings a joyful feeling into our lives and contributes to greater openness, creativity and zest for life. Conscious breathing is a way to connect with your body and its liveliness and joy, how to discover your inner strength and energy, how to live life according to your wishes and ideas.

The correct way of breathing is as important for a healthy life as a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a healthy diet. It supports conscious and beneficial breathing even in everyday life. One session lasts approximately one and a half to two hours. Breathing takes place lying on the mat.

The breather generally calms down, plunges into a state of deeper relaxation and usually experiences very pleasant feelings of relaxation, joy, a surge of energy and overall liveliness. After the end of breathing, there comes a moment for integration, that is, the time when the client reflects on his experiences and experiences of breathing. He feels light, calm and joyful, and often in these moments has a clear insight into situations that previously seemed difficult and problematic.

Otvoriť sa, prekonať obranné mechanizmy, uvidieť svoje oddelené časti, stretnúť sa s vlastnými emóciami, uvoľniť napätie, integrovať svoje súperiace časti. A ešte viac. Uvidieť svoje masky, nájsť časti seba, ktoré nedokážem sám odkryť, obnoviť komunikáciu s nimi.

The change you will feel - a revelatory and deeply healing experience.

The body does not lie. The body knows. One or two psychosomatic therapists will mix an individual cocktail directly on your body, in a safe space, with full presence and with a clear intention.

Psychosomatics is based on the assumption that mental tension is reflected in physical tension. Its basic idea is that our repressed emotions are stored in the form of energy blocks in the body and affect its functioning. For example, back pain does not necessarily have to be from a sedentary job, but it can also be a physical expression of the fact that we are literally "putting too much on our hips", that is, we are working more than we can handle.

Psychosomatics is sometimes also referred to as a bridge between Eastern teachings about the mind and body and Western psychology. It helps to recognize and release energy blocks and muscle tension that a person is not aware of. It is a combination of work with the body, breath and psychotherapeutic methods.

Therefore, body-centered therapy works on three levels of human being - emotional, physical and mental. Our mind deceives us every day, but our body never does. The body always knows what is best for us, it is only our mind that stands in its way and creates barriers that are difficult to cross.

We approach each client individually. Procedures differ and will result from our joint conversations, depending on what problems you come with. The main goal of our work is to release your blocks, emotions and beliefs.

The result is establishing a deep connection with your inner self, releasing your life potential and moving towards health, joy and a conscious life.



The breath fascinates me and I always include it in my yoga classes and home practice. The breath has great power and we always have it with us. And when the opportunity arose to try holotropic breathing with Lucia Jasna, I didn't hesitate and went. Let me tell you, it was a powerful, cleansing experience with beautiful visions. Thank you for it!


Thank you Lucinka for the holotropic breathing therapy, you are a real Shaman.


Holotropic breathing under the guidance of Tomáš and Lucia connects the body with the soul. I definitely want to appreciate this brilliantly played couple. Each of them brings something of their own to the process and they are like yin and yang, with their wonderful energies they can create a beautiful safe environment and guide you through the whole process beautifully.


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