Price List

Consultation and Energy Diagnostics


Conversation, visualisation, counselling


Body Psychosomatics


Conversation, visualisation, counselling, bodywork, bioenergetics, voice dialog


Body De-Armouring (pain and emotions relief therapy)


Trigger points, Hard or soft techniques or combination, Integration, Emotions relief


Tantric Unblocking and Energetic Orgasm Therapy

2/3 hrs

Conversation, Tantric De-Armouring, healing touch, emotions and trauma relief, integration

200/300 €

The Body Worship and Heart opening Ritual

2/3 hrs

Conversation, visualization techniques, gentle touch, tantric massage, classical massage, meditation

200-300 €

5 Elements Therapy - London Temple Tantra School (J. Hawken)

2/3 hrs

Conversation, visualization techniques, gentle touch, tantric techniques, shamanic techniques, classical massage, meditation 

Massage according to the five elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Spirit

200-300 €

Kundalini massage

60/90 mins

Massage therapy to raise a vital energy and remove negative emotions


The Healing Power of Breath ´Rebirting´

2-3 hrs

Psychosomatics, breathing techniques, bodywork, massage techniques (in clothes) 

100 €

Access Bars

1-1,5 hrs

Energetic head massage 

50 €

Access Energetic Facelift

1-1,5 hrs

Energetic touch on the face and décolleté, facial massage 

60 €

Tantra Journey Individual program for man

Individual 7 sessions program, extra care, work for home, consultations, group sessions free etrance

1.499 €

Tantra Journey Individual program for couple

26-hrs program - sexual couple therapy

2.111 €