5 Elements Therapy

Tantric Shamanic Massage according London Temple Tantra school by John Hawken

I see the elements as medicine. They are high vibrational beings who simply ARE here. However, it is not the case that we will only use them for our healing and we will not give them anything in return. We build a relationship with them. The longer I work with the elements, the more respect and love I feel for them. I clean and recharge in nature, alone, mostly at energetic places in the Lesser Carpathians, in streams, lakes on the Menhirs, with the wind in my hair. I work with the elemental beings daily and meditate on them, thank them, bless them, ask for forgiveness... They are a wonderful helper and I am incredibly grateful to know their power and to be able to pass it on through touch. 

This therapeutic practice allows you to choose from five different experiences inspired by natural elements - elements. The massage takes you out of the mind, out of the body and into the flow of your life energy and connects you with the healing being of the chosen element. Massages according to the Elements are a combination of Tantra massage techniques, tantric structures (some of which require your active cooperation) and shamanic techniques (opening energy, feeding on elemental beings, touch healing, etc.).

I need to cleanse myself, accept and release my emotions.. 

Water represents the quality of flow, letting go...Massage has a cleansing character not only for your physical body (toxins, muscle tension...) but also for your psyche (repressed water emotions). 

By moving the water element and water in the body (we are almost 80% water), your emotions will start to move and this will release the ice (emotions) in you. Your mental state will improve, you will feel more, laugh more, experience more...you will become MORE EMPATHETIC.

 Only if we value our emotions and allow ourselves to feel them, can we create BALANCE within ourselves. Ebb and flow are the two main properties of water and emotions as such. BECOME the water, become the boundless ocean, OPEN to your emotions and begin to FEEL. 

I need to heal my physical body and sexuality.. 

Are you losing your footing? Do you feel that you need to RETURN to your body (you already knew that, right?) and RE-balance your earth element? Do you need to awaken your sexuality? If you need to consciously engage with physical life: not just by allowing your body to build, feel, explore and create, you've come to the right place. 

Excellent self-care, with full respect and love for the body, is precisely this earthly massage that will take care of your physical body again. Massage serves to rid the body of accumulated stress so that you can get back in touch with your renewed body and the world around you, it helps bring your earth energies into balance. 

There is an EXPANSION of genital pleasure into experiencing that pleasure throughout the body from stimulation to sensitivity. Massage is also possible without touching intimate areas.

I need to clear my mind and organize my thoughts.. 

Air represents intellect, logical thinking and thoughts as such. It is our MIND. When your air element is flying wild and you can't organize your thoughts, this massage is guaranteed to get rid of them. 

If, on the other hand, your air is as still as death and you have the so-called BRAIN FOG (foggy mind), this massage moves the element of air in you and you will start thinking CRYSTAL CLEAR again. 

Anything that gives the mind a specific, definite task will help it focus with definite intention. During this massage, we will learn to work consciously with the breath, so that we move the missing element of fire, and we will also work on opening the heart.

I need to release fiery emotions (anger), transform unnecessary ones and thus restore life energy.. 

If your fire element is stormy and you fear its power, or on the contrary it is stifled and you are such a... "squishy"... this therapeutic massage will help you to harmonize (moderate or, on the contrary, fan) your inner FIRE. 

If you can't control your fiery emotions (AGGRESOR) you are fine!!!! However, you should make room for dreams, intuitions and visions in your daily life. Because you just have nowhere to direct your awesome fiery energy. How about using it to define your personal boundaries? 

You can even bring insights and visions from the perspective of a soaring eagle (or whatever power animal you identify with) into your physical life, intellectual processes, and emotional awareness. Massage is suitable for restoring your life force (inner fire). Or to process fear from repressed fiery emotions (anger, aggression, guilt, shame, etc.). 

I need to connect to my soul.. 

Your body is your temple. We perceive the body as a sacred temple of the body and show it due respect. But you KNOW that you are not just this BODY... 

This massage will allow you to experience your energy body, which resides in the physical body. YOU will enter a state of EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS. So slowly you won't even notice. The return will be like waking up from a magical dream.. 



Many spiritual traditions recognize liquids as a state that represents the emotional side of a person. Even Christ's impulse transformed water into wine, lower, unconscious states into higher, noble emotions. Five element water therapy works with this knowledge. It stirs up the stagnant waters of our subconscious, sadness, imbalance, unfulfilled desires that torment and weigh us down, like dead water that is no longer fresh and through which no light penetrates. The preparation is a relatively dynamic introductory ritual, a movement that penetrates our stagnant waters, which stirs them up and teaches us to make real waves. This is followed by a massage, maintaining the idea of ​​an ocean full of life, with which one can identify, tune in and through their body to ripple the inside and let it slowly flow again. This is an interesting way of revealing the sensitive parts of our body, i.e. by the contact of the masseuse's hands. j. those that are associated with too long frozen emotions and states of mind whose "water did not flow properly". When I focused on them, I tried to purposefully unlock them, release them. The result came in the next few days as overall harmonization, easier acceptance of life and everything it brings, greater balance and desire to create and work productively. At the same time, both therapies brought significantly improved sleep, at least in the near term. 


Thank you for the magical massage...connecting with the earth, yourself and your body. 


A person is made up of many sides, layers of personality, which manifest themselves in their own way in life. If we don't pay enough attention to them, or if we have an unbalanced relationship with them, we ignore them, they deform, deviate in a certain direction or hide in some corner of their own, from where they then scare us at inopportune moments and remind us of various things. But their integrating element is Spirit - a Spirit that knows how to cooperate with everyone. This therapy will remind you of this and if you have a weakness somewhere, it will teach you to make contact with your components and accept them. It begins with an effect on the senses. Using each of your senses, you will taste different stimuli, which you will let act on you without prejudice. If you pay attention, the most ordinary things will be revealed to you in a way you didn't know them before... During the massage part, you are already moving more towards conscious work with your main components, persons. Just let yourself be guided and Lucia will help you get to know what you have been hiding from yourself or didn't want to admit. Then we establish contact with every inner person we have within us, quite easily, simply and cleanly. Until finally we invite them all to a common circle, under one roof. Spirit element therapy is one of the most comprehensive experiences I have had in massages or therapies of any kind. On this occasion, I have to appreciate Lucie's great improvisational ability, the way in which she was able to literally compose all the elements that she deals with here, and there was a whole spectrum of them, for the specific need of the client. Something like this requires real mastery, broad knowledge and wise leadership. And all this in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Well thank you!


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1. It is forbidden to touch the masseuse

2. Any other suggestions of a sexual nature are prohibited

3. The use of alcohol and intoxicants on the day of the massage is prohibited