Multi-orgasmic man/woman

The goal of the tantric path is to open up to the unconditional energy of LOVE through healing touch and breath. During these treatments, I will create a space for you where you can completely RELAX and forget the worries of the ordinary world. Completely letting go of control and surrendering to healing touch will allow you to open up to the vital or even sexual energy that is natural to us. We are primarily sexual beings, otherwise we would not survive. As humanity, we are currently transitioning into the energy of the fourth chakra, the HEART. Is your sexuality connected to the heart? How much space do you give emotions in your life? Can you show love?

With long-term work with intention, it is possible to achieve the so-called a state of ALLOWING where we get outside the MIND and let the BODY and HEART open up...You become more sensitive, empathetic, warm and accepting. It is wonderful to be able to fully feel love. Does it hurt? Is your love really unconditional? In order for it to become such, it is first necessary to heal pains, injuries, memories from the past... It is said that the heart must be broken 100 times in order to heal. Life itself teaches us how to work with it, but we must be willing to listen to it.

It is also possible to achieve out-of-body experiences, but everything slowly, gradually... It depends on YOU, it is YOUR healing. Everything that happens is at your own pace, so that you have time to GENTLY let go of the blocks, beliefs, programs that prevent you from connecting to the energy of all-encompassing love. This will allow you to heal what prevents you from connecting to your own SOURCE of orgasmic healing energy. You will have the opportunity to completely relax, connect with yourself, look inside and explore your own subconscious blocks that prevent you from fulfilling your multi-orgasmic potential. I will provide you with a safe environment and experienced guidance during your journey.

No previous tantric or out-of-body experience is necessary. If they are, it is a good idea to consult the last trips, because from my experience it is possible to connect you to where you last ended up.



Men have been trained since childhood not to show emotion. You certainly know sayings like: 'Boys don't cry' or 'Success and a lot of money will bring happiness to your life'. But face it, men, are you really happy? What happens when you need to express your emotions? Can you describe them? Do you have trouble distinguishing your feelings from the feelings of others? Are you able to express your love outwardly? Or are you having trouble choosing the right partner for you? Have you experienced many rejections and misunderstandings from women just because you don't know how to communicate clearly enough?

The multi-orgasmic man is a program for men that will help you connect not only with your BODY, but little by little I will help you connect with YOUR HEART as well. A man's heart is infinitely strong, firm, stable. It gives the woman security, support so that she can relax. But how do you give a woman confidence when you're not sure of yourself? My experience is that if you take the time to get to know yourself and accept yourself AS YOU ARE, it will help you fall in love with yourself first and foremost. And that is the basis of everything. KNOW AND LOVE YOURSELF.

Men and their sexuality is a broad and challenging topic, primarily because sexuality in men has been systematically suppressed, tabooed and belittled. Masturbation and sexual expressions were not accepted by society as something that should be manifested in the life of a distinguished man. Therefore, orgasm has become a quick guide to getting rid of excess tension and emotions. Above all, quickly and unobtrusively. And the problem with himself by accepting his male power and potency was in the world. Men, think about it: How much do you accept and love your body? Where in the body do you feel sexual energy? Do you have sex for relaxation or to connect with someone you LOVE? Little boys were terrified that masturbation was a sin. Therefore, they often hid and were not allowed to get to know their bodies well. That's why they learned to masturbate quickly, secretly, so that mom doesn't find out... ejaculation as the goal. To release accumulated emotions as quickly as possible... This is a common problem not only for men, but also for women... We use SEX as a TOOL for release instead of perceiving its energetic and spiritual essence. I would so much like to change THIS!

The program of six therapeutic - massage sessions, during which you will experience tantric - energy healing of the BODY and SOUL, will allow you to fully open up to sexual energy so that it connects your sexuality with your HEART. Making love thus becomes not a way to release stress and tension, but a way to connect with your partner or yourself on the level of LOVE.

Men will thus receive instructions on how to lovingly connect with their body, love it as it is, and thus expand the possibilities of experiencing orgasmic feelings not only in the pelvic area, but in the entire body. They will receive information on how to transition from addiction to ejaculation, the so-called sexual pleasure from the need to release stress and tension for sacred SEXUAL UNION. We will use massages and various exercises for this, which he will have the opportunity to experience.

What you can experience

  • You will learn to relax the mind and let go of control (meditation in practice)
  • You will meet and start working with your orgasmic energy
  • You will get to know your body better, you will learn to recognize its signals
  • You will connect to your energy potential and learn to use it in everyday life (grounding techniques are also part of it)
  • You will touch on your limits, patterns, unhelpful settings in the field of sexuality and work with the body
  • When working with a partner - getting to know each other, harmonizing the partner relationship on a sexual and communication level
  • New personal experiences or to deepen the relationship with a partner
  • Physical and mental relaxation (relieving stress and tension)
  • You will learn tantric massage techniques
  • Possibilities for further education (recommendations for working in the home environment, etc.)
  • Meeting flexibility, personal approach


17 hours of or more hours of work, price individually EUR 2000

PRICE for the program Multi-orgasmic man: EUR 1,499, it is possible to pay in two installments, with a discount of EUR 100 for immediate payment.

PRICE for the Multi-orgasmic woman program: EUR 999, can be paid in two installments, with a EUR 100 discount for immediate payment.



Although women, as little girls, were more led to show their EMOTIONS than men, they were also taught to behave in a certain learned way: the so-called "Good girl" or "Daddy's princess", who got a kiss and an ice cream every time she cried, but then she was supposed to be nice and cheerful. Often without adults being interested in the reason for dissatisfaction. Feelings of frustration were replaced by the sweet taste of ice cream, but did the frustration really disappear? No, she collected herself until adulthood. Today, adult women are full of repressed ANGER, FRUSTRATION and tension, which they do not have the chance to express. First, because they are afraid of themselves, but also because they do not accept that they can be like this. They are ashamed of it. Recently, I had the opportunity to fully meet my inner character, 'Nasrata Lucia', and I was really afraid of myself. I felt like I was going to kill someone, it was an incredibly debilitating force! At the same time, nothing so terrible happened (thinking back). So why am I so pissed off? Internal frustration, if not vented, often accumulates over several lifetimes. This frustration doesn't even have to be yours, but it can be inherited and passed down from generation to generation. Our mothers and grandmothers suffered much more unfreedom in all aspects, but they could not do anything about it. They blazed a trail for us so that we can step into our feminine potential today. We cleanse our entire families of burdens and repressed unspoken grievances and injuries. How to accept, admit and let go of this anger when it has such destructive power? I really like to use work techniques connected with the body, because we feel emotions primarily in the body. In conjunction with breath, Elements such as Earth, Water, Air, etc. we can grasp and transform a given emotion more easily.

And what if daddy wasn't present when she needed him the most? The first man to let her down. For example, I experienced my sexuality very early on, but no one explained to me what those feelings were. So I expressed it in the Indian way, the way it was. However, the reactions of the surroundings were not Indian. And so I first encountered the feeling of GUILT and SHAME for what I really am. Later, feelings of ABUSE, REJECTION were added to it. And the problem with reaching orgasm while making love with a man was my long lasting issue. Untill I experienced Tantra and learned how to completely relax my body during the pleasure.. Not to mention that the beautiful pictures of women in magazines that didn't match what I saw in the mirror led to a lack of acceptance of myself and my body. I felt that I was not interesting, that I was not good enough. That boys should like me, but it was only in a sexual way, which in turn led to sadness and pain from relationships... Feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth, led to the fact that they treated me that way...

And so my HEART closed to LOVE. My body didn't feel. My mind was full of fear and assumptions. How did I cure it? I'm still healing it...WE WEAR MASKS because we fear our own truth. I, like you, am on a journey to find who I really am.

What helped me? ACCEPT your sexuality, learn to love your body, your JÓNI (you can also love yourself tantrically). I began to recognize the signals of my BODY and my HEART... Tantra helped me. :)

Women will receive suggestions on how to cleanse themselves of accumulated emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, so that they can better connect with themselves and find out what they really need from themselves or their loved ones, whether in a normal relationship or in their own sexuality. They will have the opportunity to fully connect with their sexuality in its wild, unfettered form (many women have never done this before) and enter the archetype of SEXUAL GODDESS who knows and loves her body and every touch is an orgasmic experience for her.

Her body is fertile like Mother Earth, her heart is accepting and forgiving. Her mind is pure and her soul is free. The Goddess woman is ready to give herself completely to her man.

An example of how the whole program can be stacked:

The treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Each meeting lasts 2 or 3 hours as needed + homework and consultations if needed

1. Introductory interview (setting the intention and goals of cooperation) + Kundalini Yoga (breathing technique, movement) to stir up orgasmic energy in the body + Kundalini massage experience). 2 hours

2. Ritual of honoring the body and opening the heart (tantric massage to unblock energy in the heart area, healing blocks, patterns and beliefs in matters of the heart such as self-love, self-worth, creating relationships, etc.). 2 hours

3. The healing power of the breath 'Rebirthing' (cathartic breathing technique for unblocking traumas, patterns and beliefs from childhood - Healing the inner child (1 or 2 therapists). 2 hours

4. Ritual of honoring the body and opening the heart connected with the healing power of the breath ´Rebirthing´ (tantric massage connected with a breathing technique to unblock patterns, programs and beliefs that prevent experiencing one's own sexuality to the fullest). 2 hours

5-6. Tantric Unblocking of the body - De-Armouring (a method for unblocking deep patterns and beliefs associated with experiencing one's own body and sexuality, but also patterns in other areas of life). 2 x 3 hours

7. Energy orgasm - multi-orgasmic experience and connection to your highest energy potential. 2 hours

What else is possible to GAIN with this program?

+ Rapé or Sananga Ceremony

+ Work for home (Rituals, Readings, Meditations, Exercises)

+ Free entrance for group tantra meetings during the program (Tantra and Subtle Body)

+ Phone Consultation in case of need



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1. It is forbidden to touch the masseuse

2. Any other suggestions of a sexual nature are prohibited

3. The use of alcohol and intoxicants on the day of the massage is prohibited