Tantric unblocking and Energetic orgasm

Massage as an intensive healing process that helps dissolve physical, emotional and energy blocks in the area of ​​sexuality. It presents De-Armouring techniques combined and applied to the field of tantric healing. It is about unblocking tension in the muscles, which are directly related to the release of blocks in the area of ​​sexuality. It enables the gradual removal of the protective armor (armor) that prevents us from experiencing our sexual but also vital energy. Although this defense mechanism of the body protects us from unwanted feelings, it also prevents us from fully feeling our body and orgasmic states (it prepares our body for experiencing whole-body orgasms).

This therapeutic massage will help you free yourself from everything that prevents you from fully experiencing your life and sexual potential. It helps in releasing patterns, blocks, limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully experiencing not only our sexual relationships, but also allows the flow of chi or life energy in the body to be stimulated by releasing pain or emotions that block it. It restores your natural balance and generates transformation at the cellular level. This process uses pressure points, strong vibrations, breath and the movement of your energy throughout your body to loosen, break down and remove your body armor.

Common effects reported by people who have had this process:

Life energy pulses through the body with greater strength and size, life flows more easily, and most experience greater contact with themselves and with God, deeper intimacy in relationships, and access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm. In addition, there is a greater need to do activities that nourish the body, inspire the heart and motivate the mind - that which expresses the deepest desire of our heart. For me personally, this therapy allowed me to release my fears from the past, because until now I formed my relationships on the basis of sexual magnetism towards partners who were not suitable for me. After unblocking this place (it was located on the sternum) I felt regret for losing my partner, but at the same time it allowed me to understand the pattern on the basis of which I was sexually attracted to a certain type of man. 

The energetic orgasm was a surreal experience for me, which reminded me of experiencing Bufo Alvarius (psychedelic frog) medicine. Pulses of bliss coursed through my body, sometimes in several places at once. By simply observing and focusing on that moment, I was able to go into a high vibrational state without any drugs or psychedelics. This feeling stayed with me long after the energy therapy ended. I even floated in this bliss for several days after this experience.

How therapy takes place:

The massage itself takes place on the floor on a mattress, preferably when the client is completely naked (I cover the non-massaged parts with a blanket). We start with the "Energy Orgasm" technique (described below), when it is up to the client to completely relax and surrender to energy impulses that prepare the body for further work. Then I gradually look for points on the body that need to be unblocked. Sometimes I also proceed intuitively if necessary. It is important to cooperate with the client, whose task is to remain present during the process. I encourage him to breathe, to relax as much as possible, for example with his voice. Because different kinds of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) are released during the massage and can be associated with different verbal expressions, at the beginning of the therapy we will agree on an escape word that will mean "enough, I can't do it anymore".

Integration - space for relaxation and self-reflection.

After the massage, there will be time for rest, conversation, tea.


I use soft techniques - the application of gentle permanent pressure on points on the body until the tension (emotion) is released or hard techniques - using stronger pressure (e.g. elbows). Everything after an agreement with the client, active listening and cooperation with the client.

Energetic orgasm:

Tantric disarmament involves working with orgasmic energy and expanding the body's capacity for pleasure. These tantric energy practices raise our vibrational frequency and awaken a higher level of consciousness and allow sexual energy to be harnessed as a transformative current that supports the purification of the emotional body. It is whole body work where we use our sexual energy to create states in the body for healing, to remove blocks and open the body to a free and unhindered flow of energy. It can also include unblocking the pelvic area and genitals. 



Very interesting, deep technique. At first I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but it was so intense that I released something very, very old, I don't even know what, but it doesn't matter at all and finally I can breathe better, I feel a normal little heart, it's shining, it's fully open, relaxed. For a week now, I've been somehow calmer, more balanced. And I was also surprised by Lucka's approach, how humorous, cheerful, easy-going it is, that I could open up and she only kept such a gentle protection at home. And people - you really have to let it go when you need it, because that's what you're going for, no matter what - screaming, roaring, crying, laughing, .. everything. After all, you are going to give it to yourself, so let it be full! De-armouring, in my word "disarming", is a really powerful special thing, and it's worth it!


Lucka's touch heals. Indeed, and not only the touch but also her sincere words and sincere interest. I was at Lucky's last time for her new product, de-armouring. Lucka surprised me with her sensitive approach, as I know that this is a deep, powerful, even painful technique, in which deep blocks and repressed emotions are released. However, a person feels reborn after a massage. Lucka approaches very sensitively and kindly, she intuitively knows which points need to be addressed and for how long. I will definitely do it again at Lucky's. I recommend! 


Hi Lucia, over the weekend I was in Nova Zem Festival, very funny things happened to me there, e.g. getting to know people I've known for a while for the second time in this life. From each of them I felt the question "where is Majo and what have you done with him?" Thanks to you, I'm on the wave. I have a new promising relationship and life is literally tickling me. 


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1. It is forbidden to touch the masseuse

2. Any other suggestions of a sexual nature are prohibited

3. The use of alcohol and intoxicants on the day of the massage is prohibited